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Improve the Connection Between Your Eyes & Brain

Your vision is so much more complex than you may realize! 

Vision involves visual acuity (what you think of when you hear “20/20” vision), the visual skills you learn and develop over your life, and the neurological processes that help your brain understand what you’re seeing. Vision relies on a strong connection between your eyes and brain to understand and interpret the visual information you receive. 

Sometimes, the communication between the eyes and the brain isn’t as strong as it should be. Those lacking strength in their visual skills may find learning, reading, writing, or sports more difficult. This is where vision therapy comes in! Vision therapy is a personalized, non-invasive, scientifically-proven program to help individuals strengthen the connection between their eyes and brain.

What Is Vision Therapy?

Think of vision therapy like physiotherapy for your eyes. But it’s not designed to strengthen your eye muscles. Rather, it’s designed to retrain your visual skills and visual system to interpret visual information with greater ease and efficiency and apply these skills to improve reading, writing, learning, attention, and concentration.

Vision therapy is a fully customized program performed under an optometrist’s supervision and is individualized to address each patient’s unique needs. Vision therapy is usually conducted in-clinic, but you may also be given some exercises to perform at home in-between sessions. 

Your vision therapy session may include a combination of the following tools

Who Can Benefit from Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is useful for both children and adults! Vision therapy relies on neuroplasticity, which is the ability to reorganize and create new neural pathways in the brain, so success relies on your commitment to the exercises. Relearning your visual skills is similar to learning a new language or musical instrument: the more you practice, the better you become.

Vision therapy is designed to address several symptoms.

You may benefit from vision therapy if you:

  • Experience headaches or fatigue after reading
  • Have poor hand-eye coordination
  • Frequently squint or tilt your head
  • Need to use a finger to keep track when reading
  • Have poor posture when reading or writing
  • Have an eye that turns in, out, up, or down
  • Have a tendency to cover or close one eye
  • Favor the vision in one eye
  • Have double vision
  • Have difficulty following a moving target
  • Experience dizziness or motion sickness

Your child may benefit from vision therapy if they:

  • Read below grade level
  • Lose place, repeat, or omit words while reading
  • Confuse similar words, such as “was” and “saw”
  • Reverse letters such as b, d, p, and q
  • Have spelling difficulties
  • Dislike or avoid homework
  • Write numbers backward
  • Have a low attention span
  • Have difficulty changing focus from distance to near and back again
  • Have poor depth perception
  • Have messy handwriting

See How Vision Therapy Can Help

If you’re interested in learning more about our vision therapy program, please reach out to us! We’re excited to show you how vision therapy can improve your quality of life!

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