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What Is Neurolens?

Staring at screens all day or focusing on close-up work for long periods can lead to eye strain and discomfort, including headaches and neck pain.

Neurolens glasses can help! These custom-designed lenses are designed to improve how your eyes work together and improve your visual comfort.Book an appointment with our eye doctors at Total Vision Rancho Bernardo to learn how Neurolens can benefit you.

What Is Eye Misalignment?

Eye misalignment, or binocular vision dysfunction (BVD), occurs when your eyes don’t work together effectively. 

Normally, your eyes combine similar but different images into a single, clear image for your brain. But with BVD, these images become misaligned, causing your brain to struggle to merge them, leading to blurred vision and difficulty focusing, headaches, eye strain, and even dizziness.

How Neurolens Works

Traditional glasses correct vision by simply bending light. But Neurolenses use contoured prisms to gently adjust light rays within the lens itself. This subtle change encourages your eyes’ muscles to work together more effectively, realigning your vision.

As you consistently wear Neurolens, your brain becomes better at processing the sharper, aligned images from each eye, improving visual comfort.

What to Expect During a Neurolens Assessment

We offer a comprehensive assessment to determine if Neurolens glasses are a good fit for your vision needs. We use N3 VR technology, an innovative system that can help us take precise measurements of your eyes and capture details about how your eyes work together, including eye teaming, tracking, and focusing. 

After we get your assessment results, we use your personalized measurements to craft your lenses.

See the Difference for Yourself: Book an Appointment

You shouldn’t have to compromise on your comfort! Don’t let eye strain, headaches, and blurry vision stop you from making the most of your day. Neurolens contoured prism lenses can help you achieve clear and comfortable vision throughout your busy day. 

Book an appointment at Total Vision Rancho Bernardo to learn more about the benefits of Neurolens. We look forward to helping you experience the difference.

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